Jesus healed all who came to him without reservations - for him there were no exceptions or incurable diseases.

(Bible: Matthew 14.35 – 36, Matthew 15.30..., Luke 5.15, Mark 5.25 – 29.34...)

Heiler Michael

It is my job to help you find LOVE and compassion so you can be healthy. Health is infinitely beautiful for your body, mind and soul. The truth is that we all carry the light of God within us. God loves us unconditionally and everyone can experience healing on their life’s journey.

All human beings have free will. Choose the path of love and trust that God will always be with you if you really want it. Because of my practical life experience, I can use my destiny and calling with dedication and for the benefit of all people. Working with people fills me with joy.

The power to heal is granted to me through my trust in God, in Jesus, through prayer and my infinite trust in Mother Mary. I want to use the power given to me by God to relieve pain, to stop illness and to heal according to God's will. I regard the gift of being able to help seriously ill patients as a gift from heaven.